Journal of Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

International Journal of Human Movement Science

ISSN : 1976-4391 (print)

ISSN : 2586-078X (online)

Vol.13 No.1

Current Issue
Application of Sport-for-Development Theory into Practice: The Manager’s Perspective of Pyeongchang Dream Program in South Korea

Jae-pil Ha , Karam Lee

13(1) 1-23, 2019


Test of Relationship between the Transtheoretical Model Constructs and Physical Activity in Malaysian College Students

Garry Kuan , Youngho Kim

13(1) 25-36, 2019


A Conceptual Model of Ticketing Pricing in Intercollegiate Sports

Bomin Paek , Yoon Tae Sung , Minjung Kim

13(1) 37-50, 2019


The Impact of Sport Brand Extension on Brand Loyalty

Myungwoo Lee , Lee Seob Maeng , Dong Hun Lee , Chan Soo Jun

13(1) 51-63, 2019


The Change of Disability Sports Awareness of University Students Majoring in Physical Education by Adapted Physical Activity Lecture

Kyung-jin Kim , Ah-ra Oh

13(1) 65-73, 2019


An Analysis on the Contents Associated with Physical Activity in Korea Teacher’s Manual Nuri Curriculum for Age of 3∼5

Kim Chungil

13(1) 75-85, 2019


Privileged School Life Experienced by High School Student Athletes

Lee Byung-goo , Lee Han-joo

13(1) 87-98, 2019


The Study of App Functions for Working Procedure of Short Track Speed Skating Recording Officials: A Case Study of ISU Official Short Track Speed Skating Rules

Boyoung Kim

13(1) 99-111, 2019